Marino & Laurie, the father-daughter founders of Lauren Marino Galleries, circa 1990.

Thanks for stopping by to visit!  Our family-owned studio has been providing photo retouching and enhancement, and art and photo restoration for three generations.

Originally known as Lauren Marino Galleries, we were a custom frame shop and gallery in the popular Lake Michigan beachfront town of St. Joseph, Michigan.   In addition to retail custom framing and art, the shop offered art and photo restoration and conservation services to our customers, while also providing photo retouching services to the pro photography industry.

When Marino passed away, and after sixteen years in our downtown shop, we closed the doors to the frame shop/gallery and continued on as Lauren Marino Studio, focusing solely on the retouching and restoration side of the business.

With a commitment to quality and to advancing the craft, Laurie Draper and the studio grew to be a nationally recognized, award-winning provider of art services to the photography industry, with numerous PPA Loan Collection images, Best of Show images, and the industry’s coveted PPA Hot 1 award.  Laurie has also been the recipient of the PPA National Award for meritorious contributions to the photography industry.

The original Lauren Marino Galleries location in downtown St. Joseph, Michigan, circa 1980’s

AJ, who’s the third generation of Lauren Marino Studio artisans, literally grew up in the studio.  His first job was at age 8… a position he self-titled “up front boy”, sitting at the front counter doing his homework after school while chatting up the clients when they came in.   As he got older, he moved on to taking up retouching and, as is so often the case with second and third generation artisans, he excels at it beyond any expectations, having been immersed in it his whole life.  After graduating summa cum laude from Lee Honors College at Western Michigan University, AJ chooses to continue working within the family business, bringing next generation concepts to enhance our existing services.

So there you have it.  Lauren Marino Studio.  Despite the monumental change from film to digital photography that has occurred over these past years, not much has changed at the core of it for us.   All the work is still done in our studio, by us, with exacting precision and great care… because we love what we do.